Dedicated to the "Dancing Machine" , the jokester, 6th child of the Jackson family, great producer and songwriter. MDJ Aka Marlon David Jackson!
i wasnt expecting that….

i wasnt expecting that….

 fan grabbing Marlon and just wont let him go haha ! he is like wtf :o 

marlon u really thought she wanted just to shake ur hand…. :)

Marlon is so simple as a human being ! love ittt

Lmao that moment… poor Marlon

he is like :o wtf man ! lol 

The Jacksons buying a gift for their Mother

Marlon sure hates shopping ! ( he is dying when the lady says wanna see another one ?) hahahaha

this gif tho…..

this gif tho…..

they need to stop… lol

LMBO it looks like Marlon is having an orgasm with Tommy Organ hahahaha

the way he approaches him like a ape in the first one…..


Marlon Jackson Palm Reading ! woooo 

u may believe or not this kind of stuffs , its ok

for myself im neutral i can believe or not, but i wanted to share coz wooooo it really loooks like him !